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Research, review and report  legal information that is helpful to people in federal and state prison and their families. Open discussions and comments on the criminal justice system relating to sentencing reform, human rights, civil rights, immigration, socialization management and the remaining war on drugs.

About the Founder

Karen Garrison is the proud mother of 2 sons who were incarcerated under the Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines. For the past 18.5 years I have attended and participated in events to get the word out about the War on drugs.   Co-hosts the MommieActivist and Sons radio show - to make a difference in a responsible way by updating and assisting prisoners and their families. 

Karen has spoken about her story at universities, churches and rallies across the country. She has lobbied elected officials to reform mandatory minimum laws and the sentencing guidelines. Karen Garrisons’ story has been featured in national and international news, including the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, American Afro, Final Call, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, WUSATV, WJLATV, The Source Magazine, Ebony magazine as well as on many websites and blogs. Speaker at the United Nations representing mass incarceration, over criminalization and discrimination in the criminal justice system.